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3800 SE Michigan, Topeka, Kansas

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Our Membership Rally was a lot of fun.  The band we had that night, Lyrix, was probably one of the best bands I’ve heard in Topeka since I moved back here in 1997.  They play a variety of music for all venues and they aren’t too loud either…as a matter of fact, we’ve booked them to come back on Saturday, August 10th and Saturday, September 7th.  Come out and enjoy the music and have some fun.  We can certainly use the support.

  We’ve gotten paint donations to re-paint the lounge and we’ll need help with that.  Come out and help us make this a NEW Post.

  I had a member mention to me that joining a non-profit organization is great, but people need to remember that it won’t run on just the dues money.  We need volunteers to make it run.  We need you!

  We’ve changed things around a little.  The Executive Committee and the General Membership voted to have all bartenders on a volunteer basis.  This is saving us a lot of money every month in salaries and taxes.  Some of the customers and old bartenders are blaming me and boycotting the Post.  That’s not hurting me, it’s hurting the Post.  We need your support to keep the doors open.

  Also, our restaurant, J. Lane’s Steak and BBQ will have the Grand Opening on the 10th of August.  If you have Facebook, you can check the status updates on there.  Just go to the J Lane’s Steak and BBQ page and check it out.    We are serving the restaurant food at Bingo and Jeff has promised a special Bar menu.  Please keep checking back to find out when it’s going to open and come in and enjoy a nice meal.  I think he’s talking about opening for brunch on Sunday’s.

Bernie Lusk



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